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Mar 16, 2023

When it comes to marketing our businesses, we’re taught to niche down according to demographics - age, income, occupation etc, but then we craft content, and it just falls flat.


Our marketing becomes more magnetic when we niche according to how people feel, not a rigid set of characteristics. It makes crafting content easier, makes more people want to share our stuff and buy from us.


In this episode, I share how to start niching by emotions, not by demographics.


Your demographic niching reveals itself to you over time, the emotional niching is actually the right place to start. -Dana Malstaff  


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


- How to map out how your ideal people feel
If we want to key into people’s emotions, where do we start? 

- The key to magnetic content
How do we make people feel like we get them and what they are dealing with?

- Why your marketing feels off
How do we find out what’s holding our content back?


Mar 9, 2023

We’re finally in an era where people no longer want to sweep their truth under a rug, and when it comes blended families, people are more open to having discussions as opposed to the past.


Why should we always communicate our feelings with our family and how does that help our relationships to thrive? It can be easy to get upset about certain things especially in a blended family, so how do we deal with those difficult emotions without hurting the people around us?


In this episode, certified life coach Amy Stone joins me to discuss her experience as a stepmom, why we shouldn’t overlook the small stuff when it comes to our family and how she’s helped blended families create a family life that they love.


The small stuff can be super important and if we downplay it, it can give us this feeling of not being seen or valued. -Amy Stone


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

- The importance of communication in blended families
Communication is key regardless of our situations but how can we use it to help us create a happier and healthier family life?

- The misconceptions of being a stepmom
The media and people around us can influence the stepmom narrative. What are some of the misconceptions around being a stepmom and how can we rise above it?

- Preconditioning and how it can affect our relationships
What we experience as children can often show up later in our lives and affect our relationships. 


Guest Bio

Amy Stone is a certified life coach who helps stepparents and adults in blended families create a home life they love. She is a mom, a stepmom, and a grandma. Her personal experience as a wife and stepmom pushed her to create a unique path to happiness.


Find Amy on LinkedIn @Amy Stone 

Find Amy on Instagram @amysaysso_coaching

Find Amy on Facebook @Amy Says So

Mar 2, 2023

As moms, we are often influenced by other parents and people who may not agree with our parenting style. It’s easy to feel pressured and change the way we do things, but it’s important to remember the intention behind our beliefs and systems.


How do we stay true to our opinions even when people are telling us otherwise? How do we ensure that we stay accountable as parents, and how do we begin making changes if a certain parenting style doesn’t give us the results we want?


In this episode, working mom, parenting coach and author Destini Ann Davis joins me to talk about parenting belief systems, how she is spreading her message to help others and what steps you should take to change parenting styles.


Make boundaries around what matters to you as a person. -Destini Davis


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

-Spreading your message with the intention to serve
It can feel scary to be vulnerable and share our struggle stories, but why is it such a powerful thing to do? 

-The importance of setting boundaries
Not having boundaries in place can get messy and it’s never too late to set them. How do we set these boundaries around the things that matter to us?

-Starting and growing a social media audience
What are some of the ways in which we can use our experiences to create content?


Guest Bio

Destini Davis is a compassionate and relatable source for navigating motherhood! She takes the psychology of parenting and turns it into fun, digestible content for her community. She teaches with empathy and empowers parents to shift the culture of their homes to more intention, grace, and presence. Though her social media impact seemed to happen overnight, her work and passion for positive discipline have grown through years of study, practice, and implementation. From the public school system to her own home, Destini has been developing her connection-based approach for 10+ years. She has a heart for parents and has seen first hand how a family can transform through intentional, empowered parenting. In a society where parents are more stressed than ever, Destini Ann's heartfelt content reminds us of the power of presence, empathy, and playfulness. This is her passion and purpose– to remind parents of their innate power so that they can give that same gift to their children!

Listen to Destini’s podcast B*tch You're Doin A Good Job Podcast on Apple & Spotify

Buy Destini’s book Very Intentional Parenting 

Follow Destini on Instagram @destini.ann 

Find Destini on Tiktok @destini.ann

Feb 23, 2023

Many couples find themselves in a place where the playfulness, flirtiness and intimacy in their relationship completely shuts down. You know you love each other and want to be together, but you just don’t feel as connected as before.


Reigniting those exciting fun feelings can feel really hard, but what if we could do it by simply opening up little doorways of connection?


How do we reimagine connection and communication in our relationships both inside and outside of the bedroom? In this episode, I’m joined by the creator of the viral How to Keep Monogamy Hot video series, and author of Swing, Ashleigh Renard. She shares how couples who feel shut off from each other can find playfulness again.


We all have these pre-set expectations about marriage. Let’s just imagine the playbook we’re each playing by is the worst habits of our in-laws and our own parents. -Ashleigh Renard


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

- How to ‘de-taboo’ talking about intimacy
We don’t have to agree to feeling less than satisfied. What steps can we take to voice our needs? 

-How to create doorways to connection
How do we align love languages so that both us and our partners feel valued and desired? 

-Be loyal forward, not backward
Instead of asking ourselves if our choices make our parents proud, why do we need to focus on making our kids braver? 


Guest Bio

Ashleigh Renard, creator of the viral How to Keep Monogamy Hot video series, is the Carrie Bradshaw for married people. After sharing her own story of rehabbing a shabby marriage in her memoir, Swing, she now answers hundreds of requests from her audience each day on how they can improve their relationships. As a synchronized skating coach and choreographer, she spent over two decades fostering cooperation and teamwork for adolescent girls. Part coach, part storyteller, part cooperation whisperer, Ashleigh has inspired millions of couples to radically reimagine the connection and joy available to them in their marriage. Her memoir, Swing, has been optioned as a streaming series and Keeping it Hot with Ashleigh Renard, an unscripted marriage fixer upper show, is also in development.

For more information, follow @ashleighrenard, go to and buy her book Swing here. 

Feb 16, 2023

As women, moms and humans in general, the last few years have really put a microscope on our lives and forced many of us to face the fact that we feel overwhelmed, stuck and unhappy.


Anytime we find ourselves in this space, it’s a sign that we’re not being honest with ourselves, and that our inner wisdom is desperately trying to tell us something.


How do we tap into this inner wisdom, figure out why we feel stuck and then work toward a feeling of alignment?


In this episode, certified life coach and Nurture to Convert Business coach, Stephanie Nichols returns to talk about why so many women feel stagnant but stressed out, and how to change it.


Every time I’ve found myself in a place of complete overwhelm and stress, something wasn’t aligned and the way I truly wanted it to be. It was always because I wasn’t being honest with myself. -Stephanie Nichols


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


-The power of taking action, even when we’re a little scared
How does the way we make decisions play into why we feel overwhelmed? 


-Slow down, step back and listen to you
We’ve been conditioned to believe that the best decisions for us lie outside of us. How do we start seeking what’s right for us? 


-How to curate a life that serves your happiness
If we’re honest with ourselves and what we really want, will it ruin our relationships?  


Guest Bio


Stephanie Nichols is a certified life coach with The Life Coach School, and certified Nurture to Convert Business coach with Dana Malstaff. She has worked as a contract coach for 7-figure business owners like Alison J. Prince - creator of 4 multi-million dollar online brands, Russell Brunson - co-founder of ClickFunnels, and Tina Tower - founder of the Australian Mastermind, Her Empire Builder. Stephanie is mom to two boys, and the author of the book, "Create Your Calm: A Guilt-Free Journey to Peaceful Motherhood".


Clients love working with Stephanie because she has a personal approach to coaching. She is invested in her clients' success, and she's not afraid of asking tough questions to help you make effective decisions, be more productive, and gain clarity so you can thrive in your business. She is direct, yet compassionate and teaches you to think for yourself.


When she's not coaching or spending time with her friends and family, you'll find Stephanie outside running, at a local coffee shop drinking a decaf mocha, or singing with her favorite premier community chorus. She believes all people deserve to feel good about how they show up in the world.


For more information, visit and find her on Facebook.

Feb 9, 2023

For far too long, many of us have struggled with people-pleasing, guilt, walking on eggshells and not prioritizing what gives us joy. Thankfully, we’re now in an era where setting boundaries, voicing our needs, and better communication is becoming the norm.


We hear a whole lot about setting boundaries, but that’s hard to do when we don’t know who we are, or what we want to lean into and step away from.


How do we tap into the little clues pulling us towards what makes our hearts burst? In this episode, master coach, boundary expert and podcaster, Krista Resnick shares fun ways we can build boundaries so we can honor and nurture ourselves.

Follow the energetic breadcrumbs and start paying attention to what makes your heart burst wide open. -Krista Resnick


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Following the energetic breadcrumbs
    The things that make us happy always leave clues. What should we look out for?

  • How boundaries change our relationships
    How do we set boundaries that honor our sense of self without becoming selfish?

  • Why boundaries aren’t just about removing things from our lives
    Setting boundaries is usually taken from the approach of saying no to things, but what if we took the path of what we want to say yes to? 


Guest Bio


Krista Resnick is a master coach, boundary expert, podcaster and mother to 3 adultish boys. Her love and passion for boundaries is the byproduct of her own story. Having spent decades pleasing everyone else, Krista felt disempowered, inauthentic, and passionless in every aspect of her life. Through her own personal healing work, she began to find great empowerment through the art of boundaries and expressing her truth.


Now, serving hundreds of women across the globe, Krista has witnessed the transformative power of embodying healthy boundaries. She strongly believes that a well boundaried life empowers women to stop people-pleasing and come back home to themselves so they can create lives and relationships that are purposeful and passion-fueled. For more information, head to ​​

Feb 2, 2023

As women, we’re born and bred in a world where self-care is seen as selfish, a luxury or something that’s always out of reach. We often put ourselves so low on the priority list, we end up falling apart, lacking energy and miserable, with bodies we don’t feel good in.


We’re taught to be okay with putting ourselves on the backburner, so how do we start paying attention to self-care? How do we advocate for our own wellbeing?


In this episode, self-care specialist, podcast host and best selling author of “WAVES of Self-Care”, Jaime McFaden shares her process for making ourselves a priority and how to internally take responsibility for ourselves.


We’re force fed so much information about what we’re supposed to do and what we’re supposed to look like, and it’s a traumatic experience because we’re taught to put ourselves on the backburner. -Jaime McFaden


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • What it means to be well
    Getting our nails done and taking long baths is great, but what is self-care actually?

  • How to take external expectations out of our decisions and actions
    In a world that constantly pushes specific beauty standards, how do we take care of our appearance and also celebrate our own unique features?

  • Why we have to practice social self-care
    How do we evaluate the people we spend time with and who we follow on social media so that we’re not feeding into things that make us feel bad about ourselves? 


Guest Bio


Self-care specialist, podcast host and best selling author of “WAVES of Self-Care”, Jaime McFaden is passionate in helping busy moms find balance and put themselves on their priority list! After years of working in the fitness industry, Jaime realized there was much more to health than just the physical element so she linked up with doctors, therapists and other specialists to bring together a comprehensive self-care system: WAVE by J. For more information, head to, follow @jaimemcfaden and send her DM to get a free self-care guide and buy her book here.

Jan 26, 2023

It’s evident that women are becoming more fearless and advocating for themselves as we navigate through the struggles and face battles head on. Times are changing and women are standing up for themselves and what they believe in.


As women, how do we fill up our own cups so that we can pour out and provide for others? Why should we take a stand and do something about the matters that oppress us?


In this episode, entrepreneur, inventor and writer Jillian Coburn joins me to discuss why you should speak your truth, and how the next generation of fearless women is changing the world.


If you speak the truth, you will be heard. -Jillian Coburn


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Being an advocate for yourself
    How do we stand up for ourselves and the way we want the world to be?

  • Everyone’s pain is valid
    How do we acknowledge our own pain and work through it?

  • Having important conversations
    It can be scary to talk about things that no one else wants to talk about, but why is it so necessary? 


Guest Bio


Jillian Coburn is an entrepreneur, inventor, writer, outdoors-woman, and mother of three, who is passionately committed to supporting and elevating women who have nowhere to turn and living under the shadows of domestic violence.


She is also the co-owner of NOLA Prestige Electric, a women/minority based contracting company. She founded the apparel line, Reel Housewives of the Deep South, in 2014, producing one-of-a-kind American-made designs for Southern women who love the outdoors and choose “cat-fishing over catfighting!”


Jillian spends her time on the lake or at home creating new books. She is a member of Texas Association Against Sexual Abuse, Entrepreneur Think Tank, and Women Warriors Collab.


For more information visit and follow Jillian on Instagram @gigijillian or follow @mommygobag

Jan 19, 2023

When it comes to marketing, the world isn’t craving more cutthroat strategies, spammy ads, heavily branded content or TikTok dances. People are yearning for a sense of belonging and community - a safe space for them to be true to themselves.


From a brand marketing perspective, there’s a rock solid business case to put community front and center of what we do. The more entrepreneurs build movement and collective-based businesses, the better off the whole world’s going to be.


Why is community such a key part of marketing businesses today? How do we build our businesses on ideas that are worth rallying behind?


In this episode, marketing futurist, keynote speaker, mentor, educator and author of the new book “Belonging to the Brand”, Mark Schaefer returns to talk about the book, and why community matters so much in the businesses we build and run.


We have a bunch of people that feel alone and are yearning for business owners to create a safe space. They want to buy your stuff because they love the world you’re creating. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why communities fail
    What’s the difference between a community and audience?

  • Why a TikTok approach to marketing doesn’t work for everybody
    Do people feel out of integrity because they are being taught to approach marketing as entertainers instead of educators?

  • How to provide validation through marketingEveryone is surrounded by people who make them feel bad about how they think the world should work. How can we give them permission to feel good about themselves? 


Guest Bio


Mark Schaefer is one of the world's leading marketing futurists, keynote speakers, educators and business consultants. He’s the author of many bestselling books, including his new book “Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy” which hit hit #1 in Marketing on Amazon. Mark has worked in global sales, PR, and marketing positions for more than 30 years and provides consulting services as Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. Mark is also well-known for developing corporate marketing strategies and marketing workshops. His clients range from successful start-ups to global brands such as Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, GE Life Sciences, Pfizer, The U.S. Air Force, and the UK Government.


For more information, visit or head to 


Buy Belonging to the Brand (

Jan 12, 2023

As moms and business owners, being productive with our time is crucial, but we all know how hard that can be sometimes. Very often when we feel chaos, stress and overwhelm and we’re struggling to get things done, we blame it on our schedules and time management skills, but what if it goes a lot deeper than that?


Productivity, or lack thereof, has everything to do with how we feel. How do we do the inner work that makes productivity inevitable?


In this episode, I’m joined by Integrative Productivity Expert, writer, speaker and creator of Productive Flow, Angela Kristen Taylor. She shares how to get rid of chaos and overwhelm so that running our businesses doesn’t burn us out.


Our emotional state drives our ability to perform. -Angela Kristen Taylor


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • The stories that get in the way of our productivity
    How do we avoid being defined by the limiting beliefs of other people?

  • The link between our childhood and our productivity now
    How do we understand the emotional blocks that get in the way of our productivity?

  • Why we have to work with our emotional energy, not against us
    How do we find the productivity system that works for us?


Guest Bio


As an Integrative Productivity Expert, writer and speaker, Angela serves as a transformational catalyst to business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Angela’s signature method, Productive Flow, integrates emotion, energy, time and focus to help clients create natural productive flow and achieve higher levels of success in business and more importantly, in life. To check out Productive Flow programs and services, visit


Book Your Free Productivity Breakthrough Session Here:


You can also find Angela on social media:

Jan 5, 2023

To many of us, turning our businesses into a million dollar brand is nothing but a pipe dream. Without the proper support, finance and safety net, it can feel too far out of reach. Fear of failure holds us back and stunts growth and taking our businesses global seems impossible.


How do we reinvent our businesses and turn it into an industry giant? How do we gain the confidence to take our brand global, and how do we prepare ourselves to take the necessary risks to make our business boom.


Founding partners James Christianson and Otto Schulze of James x Schulze join me in this episode to discuss how they took their business to the next level, how they made the big things seem possible and why you should go big when it comes to business.


You have to embrace discomfort and fear. The thing that makes you afraid is the thing you have to go after. -James Christianson


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Why business partnerships are difficult
    How do we make working together effortless?

  • How to overcome fear
    Overcoming fear helps us to embrace and conquer even bigger fears.

  • Reinventing your brand
    We have to be able to fit in our respective industries in order to ensure success. How do we reinvent ourselves and our brand so that more people will want to work with us?


Guest Bio


James started his career as an educator and entrepreneur. With 20+ years of experience as a photographer, combined with his business and education experience, James brings a distinctive and clear voice.


Otto started his career traveling the globe as a documentary photographer. He has spent the past 20 years in pursuit of the “decisive moment.” His unique vision and ability to see outside the box make him an inspirational and visionary educator.


Combining editorial, documentary, and fine-art styles, James x Schulze has become a world-renowned photography brand. Their experience and knowledge combine to make a significant impact on photographers who want to take their business to the next level. The methods they’re sharing have turned their photography business into a million-dollar business annually.


Facebook Group -

The Free Chapter - The Business of Luxury Weddings Course  -

Sage Instagram -

Dec 29, 2022

When it comes to getting featured, we need a pitch that gets people instantly captivated by what we have to share. It gives us an opportunity to get better at what we want to say and the way we say it.


How do we ensure that our pitches have the correct angle and are positioned in a way that makes featuring us a no-brainer? Why should we share stories and discussions when it comes to pitching other people?


CEO of Pursuing Results Matt Johnson joins me again to talk about pitching people with the right angle and getting featured. We also talk about college alternatives and leveraged mentorship.


Start pitching the discussion you want to have and the stories you want to talk about. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Creating a bridge to entrepreneurship
    How can we take people from being stuck in a traditional mentality to having the confidence to do their own thing and start their own businesses?

  • The importance of internships and apprenticeships
    How can we figure out the path we want to take?

  • The next generation of leaders
    How can we raise up other people and shine the spotlight on them?
Dec 22, 2022

It’s evident that the world and how we do things is changing, especially how we grow and run our businesses. A big part of this comes down to the people within our businesses and the way we lead them.


College doesn’t necessarily equip the people we want to hire with the skills they need to be successful, so how can we step in and bridge that gap? How do we help our employees and teams be a part of something bigger?


In this episode, the CEO of Pursuing Results, Matt Johnson returns to discuss the power of leveraged mentorship and what the future of leadership looks like.


We’ve created this culture where we lift up people who went and sat in a classroom forever, but we somehow are demeaning to the people who went out and worked. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • The power of micro-coaching
    How does micro-coaching help interns and freelancers take their first steps?

  • How to make mentorship rewarding
    Can we create the ultimate win-win scenario through the way we mentor people?

  • Getting around people who have the skills you need
    Buying courses or going to college aren’t the only ways to improve your skills. How else can we gather the knowledge we need?
Dec 15, 2022

There’s nothing like walking into our homes and feeling like they’re truly ours, and that in every nook and cranny, our identities are apparent. We all have unique personalities, quirks, stories and styles, but so many of us don’t see those things reflected in our spaces, and that affects our wellbeing.


How do we bring our stories and lifestyles into how we arrange and decorate our homes? Can we take control of the clutter so that we feel calm in our spaces?


In this episode, certified Interior Designer and an entrepreneur, Jessica Velazquez talks about how to catapult your inner designer and decorate our homes with confidence.


For a home to be inspiring, it doesn’t have to be perfect, look like a furniture store or an Instagram influencer’s home. It’s a house where you walk in and you can see who lives there. -Jessica Velazquez 


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Why it’s possible to have impostor syndrome when it comes to our homes
    How do we build our confidence to decorate our homes the way we want?

  • How to deal with clutter
    When we have young children, we often feel like there’s no point decorating because the house will get messy anyway. Can we change this?

  • Why there’s no such thing as a one size fits all room design
    Why do we have to stop trying to decorate to a specific style and use our lifestyles as the departure point of decorating our homes instead? 


Guest Bio


Jessica Velazquez is a certified Interior Designer and an entrepreneur. After graduating in Toronto, she worked in Panama combining design and real estate. In Canada, she founded Interiors by Jessica and uses her innovative Threefold Design Map to help her clients and students strategize their dreams, beat decor fatigue, and avoid budget regrets. As a firm believer that our well-being is inseparable from our environment, Jessica created “The 9 Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Our Home-Dreams” and leads the virtual movement Self-Care Begins At Home. She is on a mission to empower others to design spaces that take care of us and set us up for success.


For more information, head to and follow @interiors_by_jessica on Instagram.

Dec 8, 2022

Many people don’t consider themselves creative by any measure of the word, but the truth is, creativity is something we’re all born with. If we tap into and nurture that part of ourselves, it can actually help us and our businesses thrive.


Why is it so important to understand creativity within ourselves and how our brain works? How can we hone this asset and extract value from it? How can we equip our creativity, and what are some of the things that lock it up?


In this episode, creator of Business School for Artists, Fiona Valentine joins me to discuss the creative process, what it means to have a creative mindset and why creativity plays a valuable role in both our personal and professional lives.


There are so many things that are creative that we don’t actually recognize they are. -Fiona Valentine


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • The value of creativity
    Creativity is about understanding the way our brain works. How can this help us understand ourselves better as a whole?

  • How to find your creativity
    The creative process differs from person to person. How do we figure out what works for us?

  • Developing and understanding our creativity
    What are some of the things that hinders our creativity? How can we develop creativity within ourselves?


Guest Bio

Business coach and artist Fiona Valentine believes all of us are creative.

Her signature coaching program Business School for Artists is designed to help artists make money from their art even if they've never sold any of their work before. She's also a certified Nurture to Convert Society Coach helping women move into creative freedom in their business so content creation flows more freely.

Her signature program Business School for Artists is designed to help artists make money from their art, even if they've never sold any of their work before.

Find out more at Business School for Artists

For more information, visit

Find Fiona on Instagram @fionavalentineartist

Dec 1, 2022

A lot of times, once we reach our goals, we want to do more. The list of things we want to achieve keeps growing, and new goals take the place of old ones.


That’s perfectly natural. Our goals don’t have to be set destinations - they can be rolling milestones toward creating what we want.


Why do we yearn for more, and why do we grapple with deciding what to do? Can trial and error help when it comes to doing more, and how do we deal with failure?


In this episode life coach, podcast host and practicing attorney Tracey Coates joins me to discuss what it means to do more, why it differs from person to person and how we can embrace failure and use it as a currency for success.


You’ve got to know what the sacrifices are and be willing to make them. -Tracey Coates


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Why we have to be prepared to make sacrifices
    How do we know what’s worth suffering for?

  • How to reframe what it means to fail
    Embracing failure can be scary, but it is also the currency for success. How can we embrace failure and learn from it?

  • Why goals evolve
    Fulfillment comes from the process, not the result. Why do we yearn for more when we reach our goals? 


Guest Bio


Tracey is a life & career coach, attorney, podcaster, wife, and busy mother of 2!


She helps high-achieving women, like you, reduce the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that comes from trying to balance a successful career, a family and whatever else life throws at you!


If you’ve ever wanted to run kicking & screaming in the opposite direction of your life - you’re not alone – we’ve all been there. Tracey can help you!




Find Tracy on Instagram @iamtracycoates 

Find Tracy on LinkedIn Tracy Coates

Nov 24, 2022

As moms, business owners and human beings in general, our lives are messy. We have scars because of what we’ve been through, and sometimes it feels like those experiences make it harder to be successful in our businesses.


The truth is, everything we’ve been through (good or bad) influences the fullness of who we are today, and there’s so much beauty in that.


In this episode, I share the power of being thankful for the things that have gotten us here, even the hard ones.


We have this immense power within us to take everything that’s ever happened to us and move ourselves into what we want to be. -Dana Malstaff 


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • What I’ve learned from what I’ve been through
    It’s not easy to be thankful for our painful experiences, but is there a way to come to terms with them?

  • How our stories influence the impact we make
    How do we use the things we couldn’t control that molded us into who we are to choose what we want for the future?

  • The power of community
    Accepting the messiness of life is easier when you have support. How can we build and find a community of people who understand and root for us?
Nov 17, 2022

As Boss Moms, we tend to bite off more than we can chew, and say yes to whatever comes our way even if it doesn’t align with where we want to be. Toxic hustle culture holds us to an unhealthy standard, leaving us with less time for the things that truly energize us.


It takes work to build a business and raise a family, so how can we track our time so that it’s spent doing the things that matter to us? Can we break away from hustle culture and reclaim our energy so that we are more energized to work on our passions?


In this episode, best-selling author and TEDx speaker Jadah Sellner returns to discuss some important aspects of her book She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life which shares a new entrepreneurial model for women, one that focuses on reclaiming your time and energy and doing business on your own terms. We also chat about toxic hustle culture and how to break away from it.


For decades we’ve been reading business books that don’t reflect our truth. -Jadah Sellner


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • How to embrace working at your own pace
    How do we work in a way that doesn’t deplete us and build and grow the way we want?
  • Detoxing from hustle culture
    We tend to hold ourselves to a metric of success that hustle culture pushes. Why should we not compare ourselves to the standards set by hustle culture?

  • How to start reclaiming your time
    How can we track how we spend our time so that we can prioritize the things that energize us?


Guest Bio


Jadah Sellner is a bestselling author, business coach, international keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, poet, and host of the Lead with Love® podcast. She's the author of SHE BUILDS: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life. She’s also the co-author of the best-selling book Simple Green Smoothies where over one million people have embraced this simple and healthy habit.


As the founder of Jadah Sellner Media, Inc. and She Builds Collective, Jadah helps women build their businesses and their lives in a way that works for them—–with love. She has been featured in Forbes, O, The Oprah Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Learn more at or follow her on social media at @jadahsellner


When Jadah's not speaking on stage, you can catch her dancing to Beyoncé in her living room or sipping on a Chai tea latte by a cozy fireplace. She lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and dog Beesly.



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Nov 10, 2022

Sales gives some people energy and they thrive on it, but for others, it can be taxing. A lot of people don’t want to sell because the idea of asking for things feels wrong.


If we nurture our audience in the correct way, we don’t actually have to sell at all! Connecting with our audience can help us make more without having to sell so much.


In this episode, I talk about the importance of nurturing your audience, ways to make sales easier to execute, and how to make selling not feel like selling.

If you nurture people in the right way then you don’t have to sell. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • The power of nurturing our audience
    Our audience plays a huge role in our businesses. How do we nurture our audience so that selling becomes easier?

  • How to connect with people so they want to buy from us
    How can we build trust and connect with our audience?

  • How to get your audience excited for your business
    When people are excited about our businesses, selling becomes easy. How do we ignite the excitement in our audience?
Nov 3, 2022

Boss Moms do a lot, but so many of us still feel inadequate when it comes to our careers, kids and relationships. These feelings are totally normal, and the more we talk about these struggles with each other, the less judged and alone we feel in them.


How does being vulnerable help us connect with other people? How can sharing stories help us work through difficulties?


In this episode, I am joined by the CEO and Founder of the Free Mama movement, Lauren Golden, who discusses the impact of sharing stories, what it takes to make courageous moves and making an impact on other women. 


Women have such a road ahead of them when it comes to shifting who they are, what they’re about, what they care about and re-finding themselves. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why communication is so powerful
    Sharing stories is one of the oldest forms of communication, but people are still afraid to speak about what they are going through. How does sharing stories help us with what we are facing?

  • How to move toward our goals
    How do we make courageous steps towards living the life we want to live?

  • The importance of the people who surround us
    Why is it important to have a community that keeps us in momentum? 


Guest Bio

Lauren Golden loves helping mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. She launched The Free Mama Movement to show working moms that they don’t have to choose between family and financial stability. She is also a Speaker, Author and YouTuber. She has published two books, The Free Mama: How to Work from Home, Control Your Schedule, and Make More Money and The Free Mama, the Daily Five: Productivity Planner, Get More Done in Less Time.

Find Lauren on Instagram @laurengoldenfreemama


Oct 27, 2022

Desire is something really normal, but we don’t talk about it and the way intimacy can impact the way we feel about ourselves and the relationships we sustain.


A lot of the things we believe about intimacy and desire could actually work against creating a deeper connection, so how do we shift to something better?


How does desire actually work and how can the connection we have with our bodies influence desire?


In this episode, sex and couples therapist Annika Cook joins me to discuss what desire is, how it impacts our relationships, even the one we have with ourselves. 


Obligation kills desire. -Annika Cook


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to prepare for intimacy, even when you have kids
    It can be difficult to be intimate even when it's just us and our partner, but how do we prepare for intimacy when there are kids in the picture?

  • The impact of Hollywood’s portrayal of desire
    Hollywood and the media has a huge impact on what desire should look like and how it should happen. How does desire actually work in reality?

  • The intimacy framework
    What steps can we take to establish a deeper connection? 


Guest Bio-


Annika Cook is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, wife, mama of littles and person of deconstructed-reconstructed faith. Her passion is teaching couples how to cultivate intimate lives they feel great about, with the insight of a therapist and the perspective of a working mom, living in an ever changing body, ten years past the honeymoon phase.


For more information, head to ​​, follow Annika on Instagram and Facebook

Oct 20, 2022

Everyone’s got a story to tell and when we lean into those stories, and make them part of our messaging, we create a strong sense of belonging for the communities we build.


Our stories, unique experiences and the things we wish were different in the world are our superpowers. They make the people who resonate with us feel seen, and that’s key to getting people to buy from us.


How do we use these stories in our messaging? In this episode, I’m joined by The Pitch Whisperer John Livesay and actor Andrew Gray. They are the co-creators of The Superhero U, and in this episode they share how their program came to be, and who they want to help.


How can you feel confident in yourself if you don’t think you have any stories to tell? -Dana Malstaff 


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The power of your own unique journey and experiences
    Why do our stories make it easier to grow our businesses?

  • How to get off the self-esteem rollercoaster
    How do we shift from wanting to be liked by everyone to compassion with boundaries?

  • What we can learn from what we want to rant about
    Doing anything meaningful involves suffering, how do we know what we’re willing to suffer for?


Guest Bio


John Livesay and Andrew Gray are co-creators of The Superhero U which is a community to help people discover their superhero power and live a life full of confidence and creativity.


John Livesay, aka The Pitch Whisperer, is a sales keynote speaker who shows companies’ sales teams how to turn mundane case studies into compelling case stories so they win more new business. From John’s award-winning career at Conde Nast, he shares the lessons he learned that turn sales teams into revenue rockstars. His TEDx talk: "Be The Lifeguard of Your Own Life" has over 1,000,000 views. Clients love working with John because of his ongoing support after his talk which includes implementing the storytelling skills from his best-selling book Better Selling Through Storytelling and the online course "Revenue Rockstar Mastery." His new book, The Sale Is in the Tale, is a business fable set in Austin, TX, and is about a sales representative whose old ways of selling are not working anymore. The reader accompanies the rep on his journey and learns how to use storytelling and strengthen their soft skills to improve their professional and personal relationships. John is a guest lecturer on how to leverage the power of storytelling in sales at multiple universities including the University of Texas at Austin (UTLA), Pepperdine Graziadio Business school, and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his book is now required reading for the UTLA course on Entertainment and Media studies.


Andrew Gray is an actor, humanitarian, producer, writer, model, public speaker, creative director, and an incredible athlete with an adventurous spirit. Sharing a unique background of being both Native American and Mexican, this has given him a purpose to advocate for representation and inclusion through his work in media and entertainment. Gray is known for acting in television & film on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Nickelodeon, and Discovery ID. Andrew has had the distinct privilege to have worked with top leading brands such as Gucci, Dior, Adidas, Sony, and Tanqueray. Gray has worked with numerous charities in the past - Mental Health Foundation, Big Brother Big Sister Los Angeles, Sacramento Children's Home, Kids Can Cosplay, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Help Feed America, Run To Feed The Hungry, Make A Wish, and takes aim at The American Indian College Fund. Furthermore, Gray is currently associated with the non-profit It Starts with One Today.


For more information, visit

Follow @thepitchwhisperer and @andrewgray on Instagram.

Oct 13, 2022

It can be daunting trying to balance being an entrepreneur and a mom, especially when our kids are younger and need us around most of the time.


Our kids need to be able to relate to other children, recognize and understand their own emotions, but also empathize with others.


What tools can we use to raise emotionally intelligent humans? How do we make sure we show up for them?


In today's episode, CEO of Seed and Sew, Alyssa Blask Campbell shares insight on the 5 components of emotional intelligence, how to build it and how early it can be fostered in our kids.


As human beings, we are all striving towards connection.- Alyssa Blask Campbell


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to implement parenting strategies
    How do we effectively apply parenting strategies?

  • Understanding different personality types
    No two children are the same so it’s only fair that we parent them accordingly. How do we parent different personality types, especially when our kids are our own polar opposites?

  • The importance of collaborative decision making
    Why is it so crucial that we include our kids in decision making processes? How does this help them when it comes to contributing their own ideas?


Guest Bio


Alyssa Blask Campbell is the founder and CEO of Seed & Sew, an organization committed to giving parents, teachers and caregivers the tools to raise emotionally intelligent humans. An emotional development expert with a master’s degree in early education, Alyssa co-created the Collaborative Emotion Processing (CEP) method and researched it across the United States.

For more information, visit 

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Oct 6, 2022

As moms, it’s safe to say that our schedules can sometimes be unpredictable. Our lives are filled with unscheduled interruptions which make doing things in a long, uninterrupted flow extremely difficult.


What if we could create massive results without making huge leaps?


Let me introduce you to the micro-movement! It’s all about the power of micro-shifts and doing the little things that facilitate big changes.


In this episode, I talk about the micro-movement, why it’s where we need to be and how to hone micro-skills and micro-decisions to grow.


When we try to make big changes, 99% of the time they fail. -Dana Malstaff


3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why micro-movements are so great for people with unpredictable schedules
    What’s the difference between how we typically do things and the micro-movement?

  • The art of using micro-movements to our advantage
    Small movements facilitate big changes. How can we use micro-movements to get massive results?

  • How to hone our micro-skills
    How do micro-skills and micro-decisions lead to the micro-habits that completely transform our lives?
Sep 30, 2022

When your business relies on live launches, you have to use social media intensely, all the time which takes all the fun out of it.


With evergreen systems, we can build vibrant businesses without being beholden to social media, freeing up valuable mental energy and time.


How can we build systems that can sell consistently for years?


In this episode, I share why evergreen systems make growing our businesses so much easier.


If you’ve been running your business, creating content, doing all the things, but you’re not seeing growth, then you most likely have a messaging problem and the Nurture to Convert Society might be able to help. Check us out and schedule a call to find out if it’s the right fit for you.

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