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Oct 29, 2015

Welcome to the Boss Mom podcast! Today Dana and NJ are bringing you 30 jam packed minutes about business and life- this episode is full of pop culture references and they couldn't stop laughing. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording. Let's dive right in.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • East Cost vs West Coast jazz hands
  • Why NJ doesn't understand the current lingo
  • What NJ has to say about 50 Shades of Grey
  • Why it is important to think about your business cycle in seasons.
  • Season of uncertainty and how to handle things when there is something out of your control.
  • A defining moment in Dana's life.
  • Why it matters to work with people you enjoy.

Pop culture party hour references (affiliate links present)

Can I quote you on that?

  • What is a bae? -NJ
  • I feel like I'm on one of those Buzz Feed grandmas. -NJ
  • I need to not be in public while I'm reading this. - Dana
  • We do not endorse non consensual reading. We do not endorse it. NJ
  • Is there a happy medium where you can be consensually manipulative? - Dana
  • Everything on my plate has a deadline for a reason. I have to push because it would cost me money and stress to move those dates. - Dana
  • I have a hard time not working. - Dana
  • I'm finishing up a season of striving and stretching to get all of my responsibilities done and get my home unpacked so my family feels cozy and settled in their new space. - NJ
  • I had an idea of what was going to happen, but there were some things out of my control. I could see most of the big picture, but there were four puzzle pieces out of my control I had no choice but to wait and see. - NJ
  • If it isn't working, stop and reassess to see if you need to try something new. - Dana
  • If you are in  a season of waiting, my best advice is to hold your cards really close. Find a few people to you really trust and tell them what is going on. It just feels better to let it out. - NJ
  • Amazing things can happen just by letting it out. - Dana
  • I do think you're crazy, but I'm crazy about you. - NJ
  • I don't know why Frozen is like crack for kids. - Dana
  • I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I don't care. I'm owning my biscuits. -NJ
  • Grandma thinks that they've ripened very well. -NJ
  • I have a secret crush on The Flash. - Dana
  • I hustle hard. 90% of the time, I'm hustling hard- either for my clients or my kids. -NJ
  • Boss Moms... we work hard, we hustle hard, and I think we should get to play hard too. - NJ
  • I heart your face, all the heart eyes. NJ


Oct 22, 2015

Bev Feldman is creative entrepreneur and a stay-at-home mom to one very adorable (and energetic) toddler. When she's not chasing after her daughter at playgrounds and storytimes, she can be found managing her jewelry business and blogging about creativity, motherhood, and all things handmade at Linkouture: Musings on the Creative Side of Life.

Bev and Dana talk in this episode about finding creativity and why it is important for moms to carve out space for themselves. They also chat about something most all of us need more help with- time management. Let's dive right in, shall we? Oh! And make sure you listen through to the end of the show. Dana is sharing an extra dose of wisdom about Boss Mom life in this episode!

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In this episode you'll hear: 

  • How Bev developed and carved out time to write her e-book.
  • What creativity is and why it is important to make time for it.
  • How Bev balances being a stay at home mom and a creative entrepreneur.
  • Bev's time management tips and why she works in chunks.
  • Bev's biggest challenge as a work at home mom and business owner and what she's doing to over come it.
  • Bev's grass roots marketing plan for her book launch.
  • Bev's number one tip to find creativity in your life.

Can I quote you on that? 

  • I want to inspire other moms to live creatively.... and to not feel guilty for wanting to do that. - Bev
  • A happy mom = a happy family. - Bev
  • As moms, we give and we give, but we need to make sure to find time for ourselves. - Dana
  • I'll admit, my house gets messy sometimes. I treat my daughter's nap time as work time and I act as if I was working.... not cleaning the house because I wouldn't be home. - Bev
  • I've given myself permission to take breaks from work. - Bev

Recommended resources, links, and books (affiliate links may be present):  

Connect with Bev: 

Visit Bev's online space: Linkouture: Musings on the Creative Side of Life.

Bev currently has a giveaway happening on her blog, in celebration of her book launch. Head here to check it out! 

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How do you connect with your creativity? Answer in the comments below, or connect with Dana on Instagram to continue the discussion there. 

Oct 15, 2015

Rach Wheatley is business consultant and coach, speaker and blogger. She’s a proud mum and wife who juggles day care drop offs, collecting pretty things and getting sweaty via a range of fun/crazy fitness adventures. She thrives on hearing women’s stories and helping them create a new story for their future that it meaningful, peaceful and happy.

Project: Breathe is home to her blog, consultation, workshops and shop, all of which are designed lovingly to help women go from ‘pie in the sky’ dream stage to ‘wow this business is actually happening’ stage. Rach’s unique style blends emotional support with practical tools leaving clients feeling empowered to move into a new phase of their lives.

This podcast with Rach is a great listen with lots of amazing advice about finding your why and intention setting.. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rach’s journey from working in management to working for herself, and how motherhood influenced her decision to become an entrepreneur.
  • How working with the wrong business coach helped Rach plan the right course for her business and following her passion.
  • What being heart-centered is and why it is important to being in business for yourself and being a mother.
  • Why having vision and purpose is powerful.
  • Why uncovering your “why” is hard (but important) work and why it is worth it.
  • Rach’s intention setting method, how it differs from goal setting and the impact it has on Rach’s business and personal life.
  • Why we need to practice the art of self compassion.
  • How having a mantra can slay the feeling of guilt.

Can I quote you on that?

  • After becoming a mum (and taking 12 months off to be home with my son), I tried looking for a job the conventional way and found that no one wanted me. That was really really hard. - Rach
  • I said to myself, “When I was pregnant, I knew I didn’t want to go back to my old career, so why was I even trying?” - Rach
  • I stopped, and had a really good think about what I really wanted and what my purpose actually was. - Rach
  • I realized, I could be a mum and have the type of business that was meaningful to me  without compromising either. -Rach  
  • When you know what is important to you, you can build your business to support that kind of life.- Dana
  • Women are getting this message that they have to do things this normal traditional way, or else this (business) isn’t going to work. And it just increases that mother’s guilt that we’re already feeling….. I really wanted to be that person that says to them, we can work through this. You can work it out and you can have both. - Rach
  • There is plenty of judgement out there- we don’t need to be putting it on ourselves and each other.  - Rach
  • We just have to figure out what is your vision and what is your purpose and how can we put that into your everyday. -Rach
  • We can make business decisions with our intentions in mind. - Rach
  • The biggest tip I can give for intention setting is to have self compassion, you have to as compassionate to yourself as you are to your kids or anyone else.
  • The intention setting has taken the guilt out of being a mother and an entrepreneur (I used to feel guilty for spending time on one or the other). There is no place for guilt because I’m focusing my feelings, thoughts, and energy on other more positive emotions. -Rach
  • I’m going to give myself permission to change my mind, if that’s the best decision for my business and family. - Dana

Recommended resources, links, and books (affiliate links present):  

Connect with Rach:

Visit Rach’s website.

Rach has current availability for four Boss Mom's to have a Purpose Strategy Session with her for AU$99.00. In this session you’ll clarify purpose, set goals and create focus. Must book prior to October 23. Details at

Rach on Periscope: @WheatleyRach

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What intention will you set for today? Answer in the comments below, or connect with Dana on Instagram to continue the discussion there. 

Oct 8, 2015

Autumn Witt Boyd is a lawyer who helps creative entrepreneurs who grow their business. She helps her clients develop air tight custom contracts that you can actually understand and protect the business they’ve worked so hard to build. She’s got over 11 years of experience as a business lawyer and has experience protecting intellectual property through copyrights and trademarks. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her twin sons (who are 4) and her husband.

We are really excited to bring this interview to you today, because Autumn shares some amazing nuggets of awesomeness. Let’s dive right in!

Eposode 8 Autumn Boyde instagram

Listen to the audio:
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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Autumn’s journey from working as a corporate lawyer who traveled frequently to becoming an entrepreneur and how her husband influenced the switch.
  • How Autumn’s business found success quickly, even though she didn’t bring any clients with her when she left her law firm.
  • Why Facebook groups are a powerful marketing tool.
  • Why it is okay if your target market and ideal client evolves over time.
  • What the some of the biggest assets for a creative entrepreneur are and an easy way to protect them.
  • How to navigate contracts when you’re working with friends or people you trust.
  • Why it is important to put downtime on your schedule.  

Can I quote you on that?

  • Going out on my own as an entrepreneur was challenging, scary, and exciting all at the same time.
  • I had a well paying job and even though I was unhappy, I thought to myself that this is as good as it gets. As it turns it, it wasn’t as good as it gets.
  • I went to a ton of networking events, but no one hired me…...I realized that they were not my people.
  • If you think about your ideal client, it should be someone you want to have a relationship with- it’s easy to engage with them.
  • Having a well prepared contract will protect you from having a client who decides decides half way through the project they’re not happy with you and they’re not going to finish paying you for what you’ve done.
  • All business is about relationships but in the end, it’s just business. And people will do things that you would have never imagined they’d do. You’ve got to look out for yourself, no one else is going to.
  • Contracts are great for both sides. It tells both parties, these are the rules of the game and this is how we’re going to conduct our relationship.

Recommended Resources, Links, & Books:

  • Being Boss Podcast
  • Autumn’s freebie available for download: Answers to your top 10 copyright and trademark questions. To access this, head on over to her website!

Connect with Autumn:

Autumn offers affordable contract templates at her website,

“Contracts keep things from going wrong in your business. They lay out all the terms and expectations of the parties, such as what you’re doing to deliver, and how much you’re going to be paid for it. In a nutshell, contracts protect you, your business, and your sanity. My contract templates are sent to you in Word format so that you can fully customize them. No more waking up in a cold sweat worrying about misunderstandings, when you’ll get paid, or whether you'll be sued.”
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What is the number one thing that’s valuable in your business that you want to protect? Share with us on instagram by commenting @danamalstaff . 

Oct 1, 2015

We are so excited about today's podcast guest, Kelsey Murphy.

Kelsey is a certified Career & Life Coach, and the founder of Whiskey & Work, a global community of women created to inform and inspire while injecting a little bit of purpose, adventure and humor along the way.  Previous Advertising Director for Nintendo and Elizabeth Arden, turned career coach and personal development workshop facilitator - Kelsey specializes in career transition, relationship communication, conflict resolution and is certified through the International Coaching Federation in personal & business coaching.  She has been featured as an expert, speaker, and writer for Forbes’ top ranked career site, The Daily Muse, Living Healthy Magazine, SheKnows, and UCSD Rady School of Management.  On her other business card it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer and fresh-air-addict.

Kelsey and Dana are friends and collaborators in real life, and we're pleased as punch to welcome her today!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Kelsey made the transition from working full time to working for herself by being brave in the small moments.
  • Kelsey talk about her breaking point and the decision to pursue her passion.
  • How Kelsey found her passion and how her husband helped her.
  • The value of freedom and flexibility in work and life and how Kelsy is positioning her life and business for motherhood.
  • Kelsey's unconventional vacation and travel style. 
  • Why Dana thinks Kelsey should wear a ninja outfit and about Kelsey’s 30 day passion challenge.
  • How passion and curiosity go hand in hand.
  • The artists and entrepreneurs that inspired Kelsey's business

Can I quote you on that? 

One night, after a long draining day in the office and a few too many tears, I just decided that I had to listen to my gut, and find the courage to go after what I really wanted.

I had no idea what the next step was, but I found very small moments in my day and week and month to really start listening to what I really wanted to do and exploring it. It really was a journey of exploration. Before I  knew it, those small moments started to gain momentum and turn into really big ones.

Be brave, have courage in the small moments. That is going to make a difference. It wasn’t these big giant moments, it was small small moments of courage.

You can’t just find your passion, it’s not like a random needle in a haystack. It is about deciding you want to be more passionate about life. PERIOD. You want to laugh more, you want to feel more, you want to get lost in something more. You have to decide you want to go out and create it. You have to discover and create it and the best way to do that is by dedicating a tiny bit of time a day to really focus on something you think you’ll love.

Before you can go out and find your passion, you first need to go out and find your curiosity and live a bit more curiously.

Its  not always about reaching a goal, its often about doing something you’ve always wanted to do or be someone you’ve always wanted to be.

Resources mentioned (affiliate links present): 

Connect with Kelsey:

  • Kelsey's website.
  • Kelsey on Periscope: @KelseyMurphy
  •  Whiskey And Work:, a free community for women who wanting to work to balance their life in a meaningful way. 
  • Align Workshop: It’s a time for likeminded women, with more passion than time to discuss some of the most important issues that often times get swept under our proverbial rug. Issues that can seem unrelated (jobs, love, life) but are actually all linked by how we view ourselves, make decisions, communicate with one another and most importantly – evaluate and interpret life’s realities, big and small. (copy source from Kelsey's website).

What emotion do you want to feel more of? Share with us on instagram by commenting @danamalstaff